Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

The first weekend in December Benny, Grammy, and I went to breakfast with Santa.  It was an event sponsored by Kevin's employer.  Unfortunately, Kevin had school all weekend.  Boo.  Turns out that Benny and Santa are very good friends.

 Benny is such a sweet snuggly little guy.  Full of lots of love for everyone.  I am getting ready for a hectic busy week.  Next Sunday is our Christmas music Sunday for church, Christmas caroling, and a wedding.  Certainly more challenging to prepare for such things with Benny as my side-kick.  I'll be putting my multi-tasking skills to good use this week!
Also, Benny seems to be on a growth spurt yet again.  His size 18 month pajamas are none too big anymore.  Hard to believe he will need 24 month clothes soon.

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