Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Increased Mobility + Mama's Boy + Curls

I also realized I never posted a video of Benny climbing our stairs.  I figure it must seem like Mount Everest to the little guy.


Benny's a little cruiser these days.  He does this cute super shuffle up and down our couch.  He likes to walk behind his motorcycle (a toy Grammy and Grampie got him.)  Also, his balance is getting pretty good.  Hey.  This sounds like a recipe for him walking soon.  YIKES!  Watching them gain new skills is exciting, but sometimes I long for the pre-crawling days...  It was much simpler for this mommy to keep track of him then.

Also, somebody has become a Mama's Boy.  He still likes other people to play with him.  But, if he isn't feeling well or is tired, he needs his mommy.  What can I say?  I'm awesome.

Benny has the cutest curly hair.  And, he's got lots of it---perhaps its getting a little out of control.  Daddy wants to cut it!  He says he looks like a girl.  I think he looks handsome.  If I get all that hair cut, he'll look too old.  I think we've compromised that Papa will cut it sometime after his first birthday.


Lots of hair!
Also, its fun to see how he responds to language.  If you tell him 'arms up' he puts up his arms.  If you tell him to 'dance' he rocks back and forth.  Also, more non-verbal communication has developed recently.  For example, the other day I put him in the high chair to feed him breakfast but the light was still off in the room.  He looked up at the light and then over to the light switch on the wall and did it again a couple of times.  He's like "Hey lady.  Are you going to turn on the light or make me eat in the dark?"
BTW, we had a lovely Christmas.  I'll post about it soon!

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