Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cuteness in Abundance

Benny and Claire have a love/hate relationship.  They can fight like crazy.  Truly...it drives this mommy nuts.  On the contrary, they can play so well together and be so sweet.  Today was one of those days where they were just preciously wonderful.  I prefer to remember the lovely...

Today Benny worked diligently designing these cars that he got for Christmas.  He was quite proud.  I'd say Santa made a good dollar bin find...

Benny created a parking garage complete with a ramp to drive the cars to the top.  In addition, there was an ENTER and EXIT sign he taped to each side.  Claire was only slightly sad that the architectural design involved using one of her favorite board books :(

Claire enjoys 'playing' the piano.  Before she starts to 'play,' she gets a hymnal down from the book shelf.  Gotta have a proper music score, right?  Today, she was playing away singing "holy, holy, holy, mercy, holy, holy, holy, mercy."  The Claire version of "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty."

The book nook.  They hang out in the corner of the living room and look at books :)

Another favorite Benny + Claire activity...Playing in my bed...  The bed can be a cave, the ocean, a cocoon.  Truly, the imaginative possibilities are endless.  Then, if that gets boring, you can take the pillows out of the pillow cases and have sack races.  P.S. I have officially given up on ever having my bed made.

Tonight we took down our Christmas tree.  This is usually a somewhat sad event.  But, tonight the kids were rocking it out to the Pandora oldies station.  I think it was the most fun Christmas un-decorating I have ever experienced.

In sum, I *heart* my two cuties :)