Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Benny's Hairdo

During the month of December, Kevin kept insisting that it was embarrassing that he thought Benny looked like a girl because of his hair which had very cute curls.  We were at the mall and some crazy lady came up and asked if Benny was a boy or a girl and it almost pushed Kevin over the edge.  The lady was crazy.  Benny was dressed in blue from head to toe.  (I personally think Kevin was simply jealous because he doesn't have much hair.  Don't take it out on the kid Kevin.)

At any rate, after Benny's birthday I caved and let Benny get a hair cut.  We hired the very best barber.  His name was Papa.

Pre-hair cut fun with Nana.  Benny got this cute 'tuxedo-shirt' from Marian for Christmas.  Isn't he handsome?

Then they stripped me down to my diaper and started chopping.

Post-hair cut.  Still my handsome little guy.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Birthday--Down on the Farm

Somebody had a birthday.  How old? Let him tell you himself.  (I think he was about to fall asleep in this video)

Poor Benny was sick for his birthday.  In fact, the poor guy really didn't feel good for most of December.  He had an upper respiratory infection.  I took him to the doctor but they didn't give an antibiotic.  He had a nasty cough for weeks.  Then we ended up taking him to the urgent care on new year's eve, and he had an ear infection.  FINALLY, he is back to his usual jolly self.

Despite the illness, he had a measure of fun at his birthday party on New Year's Day.  Here are some pics:
 Kevin and I made Benny a chicken cake for his birthday.

 Benny in his overalls and mommy and daddy in their plaid.

Granny Lindy made Benny his very own little cake.  Of course, she marked it with a 'B.'  Also, she gave him the cute little stuffed chicken named Henley to go along with the chicken theme.

Benny and Granny Lindy.

My new clothes from Aunt Katie!

Benny is like his Mommy and usually makes dessert a sort of priority.  Sadly, since he wasn't feeling so great, he didn't want to eat any cake at his party.  We tried again on Jan.2--his actual birthday.  Still didn't want to eat it.  But, here is a cute video.  At the end of the video, he says that he is 'all done' with the cake.  Some of Benny's first words!  That's right folks.  Benny can TALK.  What was his first word??  ON.  I hear him say ON about 50 times a day now I think.  He points to all lights, fans, and electrical devices and insists that they be turned ON.  (Benny decided not to 'go green' for the new year).

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This Christmas morning we were at our house during the morning and then went over to Nana and Papa's house in the afternoon and evening.  Here are the highlights:

Christmas morning with Mommy.

Christmas morning with Daddy.

Santa brought me a football!
Gentry wore these reindeer over to N & P's house.  I put them on Benny and surprisingly he didn't mind at all.  He wore them around the house for quite a long time!

One of the best parts about Christmas day was that Aunt Katie came all the way from Minnesota to see us!