Sunday, August 28, 2016

Claire Bear

I'm only slightly biased when I say that my Claire Bear is beautiful, marvelous, and sweeter than sugar :)  She got her hair cut this past week for the very first time.  She was so excited!

Pre-hair cut pose

She was so excited to go and get in the chair.  Then she became silent and very serious...

She seemed pleased with her new hairdo :)

Just relaxing with a few of her favorite things:  Lambie, little teddy, shaky blankie, and big blankie.

Her coloring skills are improving.  I gave her the color suggestions, but she colored this for Grammie this week.  AND, I think we may have another lefty in the family to join Grammie and Cousin Faith.  Whenever she colors or paints, it is with her left hand.  {Benny helped by writing the name Grammie at the top of the page.}

She also enjoys a tricycle ride.  She felt particularly empowered a week or so ago and rode 1/2 mile.  That's a lot of pedaling on a tricycle!  (When you are the little sister, it is imperative to keep up with your big brother.)

A video of her tricycle skills...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Daddy's birthday

Even though Daddy is getting old, I think he had a lot of fun with these two!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Boating with Adam

Tonight Kevin, Benny, and Claire went out on Adam's boat.  They came home exorbitantly excited to tell me of the speed of Adam's boat :)  The night before, we went to his house and rode his four-wheelers.  Adam is raising the next generation of adrenaline seeking thrill riders.