Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy 85th Birthday Nana!

Here is our 3rd annual Happy Birthday Nana photo!  Here is just an abbreviated list of the reasons we love Nana:

1) She makes awesome pancakes and sausage---even made into the shape of Franklin!
2) She always has cookies!
3) Most of the time she has a bowl of chocolate candies in her kitchen.
4) Benny is really good at saying 'please.'  Thus, Nana is more than happy to give Benny above mentioned cookies and candy :)
5) At age 85, she still gets down on the floor to play with Benny and Claire.  (I hope I can do that when I'm 85...)

The list could go on and on...  Really, what's not to love about our sweet Nana!  Just yesterday, Benny got all of our sprinkles out.  I asked him what he was planning to do with all those sprinkles.  His reply?  "I'm going to go bake cookies with Nana."  Obviously.

This year features Benny spreading Birthday cheer!