Friday, December 27, 2013

Snow Much Fun!

Its only logical to take your cars to play in the snow.

 He loves this John Deere tractor that our neighbors gave to us.  He decided to sit on it and scoop and dump the snow.  Benny's snow removal business is in operation!

Bulldozer style.

Benny loves to be outside.  Even in the winter.  Maybe a week or so ago, I took him out to play in the snow.  It turns out that sand toys are also excellent snow toys.  He played for an hour and a half with a bucket and a small sand shovel.  Mommy was nearly frozen from standing there watching him, but he didn't seem to mind and probably would have stayed outside for another hour or so....

I think this is why Grandpa Stevie has become Benny's hero.  Yesterday, we spent the day at my parent's house.  He was so sad that Stevie had to go to work in the morning.  Once Stevie got home, Benny went outside with him to feed the chickens, bunnies, and sheep.  Plus, he got to help Stevie add firewood to the furnace.  What could be better!?  

(Yes.  Benny calls my parents Lindy and Stevie.  Cousin Ella and Luke set the trend...)