Monday, November 26, 2012

Update on Benny's Continued Cuteness...and Thanksgiving!

Its been a little while since I updated on what's new with Benny.  Here goes....

1) He's been pulling himself up to standing for a while now.  Right when we got home from the camping weekend, he became a pro at it.

2) This week he is starting to take steps if you walk with him.

3) He loves you to read books to him.  He really has a long attention span for it.  He lets you read several books to him at a time.  Some of his favorites are Brown Bear Brown Bear, Bunny on the Beach, and I Am a Baby.

4) Sharing is caring.  When he eats crackers, he takes a bite then extends it out to you and wants you to take a bite.

5) He is learning to wave.  He waved bye-bye to Kevin when he was in the basement and we were walking upstairs and when Annie, Aron, Ella, and Luke left on Thanksgiving Day.  He waves 'hi' to me when I get him out of his crib in the morning.

6) He is doing better eating solid foods.  There is no doubt about it.  Benny has been a BIG fan of his liquid diet.  Its taken some persistence, but now he eats a decent variety.  Bananas, clementines, my beef and barley soup, raisins, lasagna, pasta, etc.  It should be noted that I gave up on him ever eating jarred baby food.  He sees a jar of baby food and he is instantly making faces and turning his head away.  Can you blame him?  Do you want to eat pureed peas?  I'm glad I didn't waste time and energy making homemade baby food.  Seems like a decent idea, but Benny does just fine eating normal food.  And, he's only got one tooth.  Nevertheless, I certainly wish he were a better eater.  He is still a fickle pickle.  Sometimes he will eat and sometimes he won't.  Very opinionated.

7) He is growing!  It seemed like during month 9 that he really didn't grow much.  Before that he seems like he kind of stretched out and got thinner.  Now he is taller and filled out again.  He is heavy!!!  My guess would be that he weighs 25 pounds by now.

8) He continues to be a social butterfly.  He seems to readily enjoy all the attention he gets whenever we are out and about such as at the grocery store.  Random people playing peek-a-boo with you?  The best fun ever!  However, I've noticed that, while he loves the attention of others, he doesn't want me  to leave him with unfamiliar people anymore.  For example, I was at church this Monday for a meeting and to have some rehearsals with people.  I was going to leave him with someone for a minute to get something from another room.  He definitely didn't want to be left behind without me!

9) He can climb stairs.  He climbed stairs for the first time at Adam's house because they were carpeted.  Now he can climb our wooden ones at home.

Last weekend, we had tons of fun going four-wheeling at Adam's house.  Benny loved it!  Adam held Benny while he drove him through their woods and trails.  I had a good time too.  Fact:  I am not very good at driving the four-wheeler.

This week was Benny's first Thanksgiving.  I talked to Ella on Monday to wish her a happy birthday.  She told me she was excited for Thanksgiving because she is going to give me a make-over.  My Thanksgiving make-over included the following:

-eyeshadow (she has lots of different colors)
-glitter dust eyeshadow
-hot pink fingernails with silver glitter french tips

After my Thanksgiving Day make-over, Kevin was thankful for his really hot wife :)

Our Thanksgiving table with Lindy's yummy pies.  Apple, pumpkin, and pecan.
Fun with Granny.

Stories with Granny Lindy.

These two cuties are ready for the Thanksgiving feast!
Part of the Thanksgiving gang.

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