Sunday, July 31, 2016

Spring/Summer 2016

Random pictures from our phones from the spring/summer that make for good memories :)

33 weeks!

Mimosas and french toast casserole breakfast with Nana and Papa to celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary.

26 weeks.

Benny likes to pretend that he is dropping Claire off at the store :)

Following in Grampie's footsteps as seagull lover.

This cutie loves a fast four-wheeler ride.

One of my favorite pics of Claire.

Baby kitties in the spring...

4th of July parade.

Beach beauty.

Claire loved the rides at Kiddy Park.

Caleb came to visit near the beginning of June.

Maundy Thursday children's choir assistants.

Fun at our pool.

Wood cutting day with Stevie in the early spring.

Monday, July 4, 2016


Yes.  We are expecting baby #3.  We found out quite awhile ago that this one is a girl!  I'm so far behind on blogging that now I am 31.5 weeks along.  Benny fondly calls this little miss Blueberry :)  We even had a fun 'gender-reveal' party.  Here are the highlights:

Big brother AND Big Sister

Gender-reveal cake