Thursday, August 23, 2012

Down on the Farm

We did not go to Bob Evans.  We went to see Grandpa Stevie, Granny Lindy, Aron, Annie, Ella, Luke, Granny, and Grandpa.  Summer has went by too fast, and we hadn't seen them too much.  So, we planned for a fun day just to hang out.

Picking veggies in the garden...

Benny got too heavy for Lindy.

Cute pic with the sunflower.

Ooohhh....What is it?

Let me check it out here....  (Yes, one ripe pumpkin already!)

Grandpa Stevie hung a swing just for Benny from the barn rafters.  Ella and Luke happily pushed him all day long.

Ella and Luke also enjoyed sharing their cupcakes...

Pink frosting.  My favorite.  Practicing for my 1st birthday party.
Gator rides with Uncle Kevy.

Hello sheep!  Grandpa Stevie fed them a treat.  Corn stalks.
Hello chickens!

This is one of my new favorite pics of Benny.

Kevin's 66 Chevy Nova is stored in my parent's barn.

True fact.  Benny did not like being in the Nova.  He was crying  :(

Luke tried to cheer him up with a game of peek-a-boo.

Love this pic too.  My grandpa is very proud to wear his WWII Veteran hat.  My grandpa also ALWAYS can be found wearing a flannel shirt and bib overalls.  It does not matter at all what the weather conditions are like.  The only time in my entire life that I have seen him wear anything different is at weddings, when he has been in the hospital, and when he was in a nursing home for a while this past winter.