Monday, August 13, 2012

7 Months Old

OK.  So Benny is nearly 7.5 months old now....  I intended to blog this last week.  But, better late then never.

7 Months Old.  What can Benny do now???

1) Sit up like a pro.  During month 6 he was still kinda wobbly.  But, he has totally mastered the balancing act now.

2) Scooting.  He moves backwards by sliding by pushing with his arms.  He can make it all the way across a room.

3) He can now get into the crawling position.  He's up on both hands and knees.  So far no crawling.  He gets in this position and rocks.  Crawling warm-up!

4) He babbles more different sounds.  Starting to hear some 'd', 'b', and 'y' sounds rather than just vowel sounds.

He still continues to be a very good, handsome little guy!  When I say good, I mean GOOD.  I take him to church meetings with me now.  He happily plays through meetings as long as an hour and a half.  Sure hope this exceptional behavior continues!

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