Thursday, May 3, 2012

Four Months Old: Mr. Observant

My sweet Benny turned four months old yesterday!  Time continues to fly by too quickly.  What do I notice most now about Benny?  He takes note of EVERYTHING.  He definitely is very aware of everything that goes on in his environment.  Some things he notices that I think are pretty observant:

1) The images on the computer screen change!  I used to feed him and check my email, facebook, etc.  Now I can't necessarily do that.  He gets to busy looking at the computer screen to eat.

2) When I'm playing Pandora, he notices when it changes from music to commercial.  He stops whatever he is doing and looks at me like "hey they turned our music off."

3) The other night there was a siren sound probably a few streets away.  He stopped eating and looked at me like "I never noticed something like that before."

4) He has more trouble falling asleep because he keeps wanting to 'talk' and smile.  At night, I go into his room, turn off the lights, and rock him with my eyes closed.  Finally, he thinks I'm boring enough that he falls asleep.

A picture from a few weeks ago.  The dogwood tree in our backyard was very pretty this year.

Having so much fun in my boppy!

Looking handsome in my little sailor outfit.

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