Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cousin Fun

Benny is at that wonderful age where having other kids to play with is TOTALLY AWESOME!  We are blessed that Benny has the best cousins in the world :)  Back in June, Caleb, his Mommy, and baby sister came into town.  Caleb + Benny = quite the dynamic duo.  My two favorite memories from the weekend:

1) Benny yelling from the bathroom---"Grammie, you need to come wipe Caleb!  He pooped!  He needs wiped!  I couldn't get it.  I tried."

2) Both of them running around the yard with their underwear on.  Benny might have been chasing after Caleb with the garden hose while poor Caleb was left in very soggy tighty-whities :)

One fun event while Caleb was in town was a trip to Kiddie Park.

Claire loved the rides too :)

Best. Picture. Ever.

At some point over the weekend, we climbed into Captain Al's fancy red race car.  KA-CHOW!

Claire was delighted with sweet Miss Katrina.

Grampie had a well manicured lawn :)

True cousin love is best expressed by sharing a popsicle...

and McDonald's french fries.

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