Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sherwood Ohio

Two weeks ago, the kids and I set out by ourselves to visit Uncle Eric, Aunt Katie, Clay, and Alethea in their new home in the great metropolis of Sherwood Ohio.  By metropolis, I mean that they live next to their church and a family that owns a llama!  The biggest excitement on our 3 day stay was when some tractors and farm equipment drove by and when we went to the McDonald's playplace (we had to drive about 12 miles to get there, but it was well worth the trip.)

Sherwood Ohio might not make the top 10 list of most popular destinations, but it does in my book.  My kids and I had a great time.  4 kids ages 3 and under make for lots of fun :)  The best part?  My children slept.  Yes.  All night.  My children are notorious for sleeping downright terrible when we are away from home.  But not this time.  The farm-fresh air lulled them right to sleep.

I consider Sherwood Ohio the ultimate vacation destination!  We are going to have to go back sometime soon.  The next time Aunt Katie and I are going to take the 4 kids with us to the Bar.  That's right.  Sherwood Ohio is proud owner of the Dairy Bar :)

Could they get any cuter!?

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