Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mama's Little Cupcake

Today Claire Capri turned 1 year old!  She is certainly sweeter than sugar.  We had a 'cupcake' party for her to celebrate the big day!

My cupcake creation.  When I made this, I felt like I was on an episode of DC Cupcake!

Claire shares a birthday with this lovely girl.  Today Callie turned 9.  It was a combo cupcake/mermaid party.

Let me see here...

Not too bad...

Why does my mommy make me eat raisins, bananas, and green beans when we could be eating cupcakes instead?

My brother assisted with opening gifts...

Benny also assisted with toy operations...

Stevie and Lindy made it!

I'm only slightly biased, but this little lady is wonderful!  I'm blessed to be her mommy!

Fun Claire facts on her first birthday:
1) She still only has 2 teeth.
2) Crawling all over the place.  She will pull herself up, but gets scared and quickly cries for someone to come save her.
3) She talks!  I've caught her saying a variety of words including all done, hi, banana, and water.
4) She is getting more opinionated.  If Benny has something she wants, she'll put up a fight for it!  Likewise, he goes out of his way to keep Claire away from his things.  Sibling quarrels have begun!

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