Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday!

My sweet baby boy turns 3 tomorrow.  Yikes!  Time does fly!  We celebrated today with his party.  Stevie, Lindy, Nana, and Papa were the elite guests :)

When it was my birthday in September, I asked Benny what he wanted to do for his birthday.  He decided back then that he was going to have a Franklin party.  Franklin isn't the most popular character these days.  But, Benny loves him.  Franklin is a cute little turtle that has a best friend Bear and other friends such as Snail, Beaver, and Fox.  We love the books and the videos :)

Here are photos from the Franklin party!

Hey its Franklin!

Daddy surprised him with this jumbo Mickey Mouse balloon.

Claire loves to chase Mickey around the house :)

Semi truck car carrier from Nana and Papa.

Some more farming equipment from Lindy and Stevie.

What's great about Benny at age 3?
1) He loves to learn about the makes and models of cars.  For Christmas, he got the Disney CARS movie.  The whole family had a movie night to watch it.  He points to one of the cars and says "That's a Porshe.  Its engine is in the back."  I look at Kevin with a questioning look.  All Kevin says is "He's right."  Its safe to say his mom didn't tell him that.
2) Every time you go to the bathroom, you have to take the back off of the toilet so you can see how the toilet works.  Every time.
3) Cars---you wash them, you park them, you fix them.
4) He never, never stops talking or singing.
5) He likes to "hibernate."  This means he gets out daddy's sleeping bag, zips himself up in it, rolls around, and says he is a bear.

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