Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mystery Talker

Over this past weekend, Claire said her first words.  Or at least I think she said her first word...  I was feeding her breakfast.  When she was finished I signed and said 'all done' as I typically do.  Then, clear as day, she said it back---'all done.'  I was so excited!  Grammie was standing nearby and heard it too.  I wiped her face, and she said it again!  Nana heard that one.  I sat her on the floor and said that I couldn't believe she said 'all done.'  She looked at me and said it for the 3rd time.  Don't get too excited.  She hasn't done it since.  I sign and say 'all done' after each meal in expectation, and all I get is that sweet little face looking back at me.  I would say that I'm a crazy lady, but I do have 2 witnesses.  About a week before this, I swore she said 'hi' when I walked in the room.  Don't worry.  She hasn't done that again either.  However, she more recently loves to play patty-cake and looks at you with those pretty blue eyes when you say her name.  Oh yes, and she has 1 tooth :)

Still oozing with cuteness!

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