Friday, October 24, 2014

Benny Sweets and Benny Funnies

We were reading a book the other day that mentioned about one of the characters having a best friend.  I asked him, "Do you have a best friend?"  I was curious to see if he would talk about some of the neighborhood children he sees frequently.  He quickly responded "Mommy!"   I said, "I'm your best friend?"  He said "Yes!  I love my Mommy!"  I hope he always does :)

This pic seemed most suitable for the Benny Funny edition :)  Here was our conversation:

Benny:  I need to go potty.  (I help him up onto the potty.  He has a few 'toots' as we call them.)
Me:  Do you need to go poo poo?
Benny: No.
Me:  Oh.  Maybe you just have a little gas.
Benny: Mommy!  That's silly!  I don't have any gas.  The gas is outside in the shed for the lawn mower!

I just about died laughing.

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