Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Day Out with Thomas

In late spring, Grammie and Grampie mentioned to Kevin and I that Thomas was coming to town.  They asked us if they thought Benny might like to go.  We said we would think about it.  A certain little boy must have overheard this conversation.  Each day from then on, he inquired about when he would be going to see Thomas.  Ironic, since I wouldn't consider him an avid Thomas fan.  But, Benny has learned the value of being persistent.  With enough inquiries about the timing of this Thomas event, he scored himself a Thomas ticket along with tickets for Mom, Dad, Grammie, and Grampie.  It ended up being a perfect day for this outing, and we had quite a good time.
We're on our way!

They had all these great bounce houses to crawl through.


All aboard!

Don't worry.  I've got the tickets.

Somebody is excited for their ride on Thomas.

I think Benny enjoyed playing with all of the train tables the best.

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