Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Think PINK

Its long time overdue to make it blog-official.   Baby #2's ETA is Jan. 28!  This time, we had a 'gender revealing  party.'  I thought it would be much more fun to find out if its a boy or girl with all of our family members than at the doctor's office.  At our ultrasound, we had them write if it was a boy or girl and put it in a sealed envelope.  I took it to a bakery and gave them the envelope.  They made a 'gender neutral' cake on the outside, but the inside would be either pink or blue.  It was so much fun!  Lots of our family came over.  We had dinner.  Then we cut the cake.  Turns out the inside was pink :)

The cake.  It was very tasty too.

This girl was definitely hoping for a pink cake.

Benny just seemed happy that there were pink and blue balloons to kick around.

Does that belly seem to say 'lets get girly' or 'lets drive a backhoe and get muddy'?

Everyone at the party had to choose to be on 'Team Pink' or 'Team Blue.'

The suspense is building!

Cheers for pink!

Benny got to eat the first bite.

It was decided that we should feed each other a bite, 'wedding style.'  Kevin shoved it into my face.  That's what you get after 8 years of marriage.

I'm sure Kevin will look good with pink bows in his hair and strawberry flavored lip gloss.

The main dilemma with Baby #2 (Kevin and I refer to her as 'Cupcake.'  Benny was 'Pumpkin' pre-birth)....  The website address for my blog is now all wrong.  It should be kevyanniebennyand______.  It was suggested that I should have 2 blogs, one for each of them.  That seems like way too much work.  I guess it will have to remain kevyannieandbenny.  Wasn't thinking ahead on that one.

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