Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Camping 2013

Nearly every year since Kevin and I have been dating/engaged/married, we have went on a fall camping trip with his family.  It is an annual event that I really enjoy.  This year we were able to go with Kevin's parents, grandparents, cousin Cassandra, and Chris, Angie, Faith, and Callie.  It was a gorgeous weekend!

His shirt says "Daddy's Happy Camper."  Faith is the best.oldest.cousin.ever.  She takes such good care of Benny, and Benny absolutely adores her.  On the drive to our cabins, Benny asked for 'Faif' as he calls her at least 1000 times. 

Grammie brought along a game of bocce ball.  We never played bocce ball.  Benny decided that we should all sit at the top of this hill and roll the balls down for a 'race.'

Strolling on the dock with his beloved 'Pampi.'

Glow sticks at dark!

So peaceful.

Aunt Angie still plays a mean ukulele.

An attentive ukulele listener.

Another one of Benny's favorite activities for the weekend....throwing rocks into the lake.

Song time.

The whole camping crew!

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