Friday, August 9, 2013

Party On!

July marked a monumental event.  Nana and Papa celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary!  It was a grand occasion.  Lots of family in town to celebrate.  We had a great time, and we all know Benny likes a party.

The happy couple :)

Benny had tons of fun with these 3 girls.

 Kevin and I made Nana and Papa a 'candy bar' letter for their anniversary present.  It told them how much we care about them in a very sweet way.  Here's what it said:


Your love expands farther than the MILKY WAY and means MOUNDS to all of us.
Your EXTRA special relationship is beautiful like a SYMPHONY.
We thank you for the GOOD AND PLENTY of times you TAKE5 to show you care.
Your friendship with worth WHATCHAMACALIT more than 100GRAND.
We GOOBERS SKORed to have you as our grandparents.
We love you to PIECES!

KUDOS to 60 years!

A beautiful and delicious cake!

Everyone that made it!

Chris, Angie, Faith, and Callie sang Nana and Papa a song.  Aunt Angie is a pretty mean ukulele player.  Benny was a fan!  He promptly asked them to sing more! 

Benny was the official 'test-taster' of the cake.  He approved.

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