Friday, August 30, 2013

Grampie Update + Cousin Fun

A few weeks ago, Grampie had a stroke.  It gave us all a scare, but thankfully he is doing just fine.  They are able to treat the problem with blood clots with medication, and he won't have any long term deficits.  The only good thing about this situation....Cousin Caleb, Aunt Beth, and Uncle Craig came to visit!  I'm sure I've written on the blog probably some time ago that Benny has a 'twin' cousin.  Caleb and Benny share a birthday.  They live kinda far away, so we don't get to see them too much.  Turns out that Caleb and Benny are pretty good friends.

Click on the link below for the sound of pure joy....

We spent one morning at an amusement park for toddlers/young children.  They both loved it.  Here they are riding the boats...

The airplane ride was coming to an end.  Here Benny is asking for 'MORE!'

Giddy up with Uncle Craig!

Another pic of the boat ride...

Grampie was feeling up to a train ride the day after he got out of the hospital.

Of course, Grammie was only slightly happy to have her two grandsons at her house.

A little pool time in Grammie and Grampie's yard.  "Hey Caleb, you look hot.  Don't worry.  I have this cup and will dump some water on you."

Intently studying the cups...

You drink it, and you dump it.

I feel the love.

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