Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Almost Died of a Heart Attack

Today I started getting gray hair.  Benny frequently likes to go in the bedrooms upstairs and close the doors behind him.  No big deal, right?  So, this morning he does this when going into his bedroom.  I was going to take him to story time at the library, so I decided to take the opportunity to throw on a different shirt quickly.  In the 30 seconds I was gone, Benny---with his ever advancing fine motor skills---LOCKED HIMSELF INSIDE OF HIS ROOM.  I go into instant panic mode (even though his bedroom is quite safe--outlets covered and only a few toys, books, and stuffed animals for him to get into.)  I frantically try to get ahold of Kevin at work.  No luck.  I try to call Grammie and Grampie. No luck. My thought is that there has to be some way for me to get this door open.  I try to remove the door handle.  (Kevin only has about 4 million tools and I can't find a screwdriver.)  So, I surrender and call 911.  They were here in about one minute.  They are super fast.  I'm sobbing hysterically.  They try to pick the lock but couldn't get it.  So, they busted in cracking the wood around the door frame.  When they opened the door Benny was like "Hey guys!  Want to check out my teddy bear I was playing with?"  He didn't seem to care that he was locked in his room.  Kevin called just as the police left.  He calmly stated "I'm glad benny is ok, but you know you could have used the key to unlock the door."  WHAT?!?!?!?!?!  We have a key to those doors.  Why don't I know these things?  Today I earned the Stupid Award and got my first gray hair.  (I hear gray hairs multiply quickly.)

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