Thursday, March 14, 2013

14 month old updates

Benny loves to snuggle and ready a good story.

Mommy and Benny are ready for bed! 

Last weekend, we had a birthday party for Grampie at our house.  Reports state that Grampie turned 59.  Looking good Grampie!  And yes, Benny has no pants on for this pic.  No shirt, no shoes, no service.  What about pants?  Benny indicates its working out well for him.  He still got to eat some chocolate cake. 
So, what's new with Benny.....
1) Its interesting that he figured out you blow out candles so quickly.  Since Grampie's party, he will point to any candle, even unlit candles, and start blowing.
2) He likes to try to put on his own shoes.  Its tricky business.
3) He LOVES to play on the bed.  He knows how to get off the bed by himself (although I don't trust him enough not to be right there.  Don't need a Benny falling off the bed.)  He has this book called "All Fall Down."  There is a part that says 'bouncy, bouncy, on the bed, all fall down."  He loves for me to say that while he bounces and falls over.
4) We have a book with the song "If You're Happy and You Know."  He likes to do the verse 'if you're happy and you know it do a dance.'  He's got some pretty nice dance moves.  Takes after his mother.
5) A new word he learned to say this week was 'balloon.'  Its so cute.
6) He likes to carry around his toy elephant from his Noah's Ark Set and say 'Arooh' and wave his arm like a trunk.
My heart melts for a cute little Benny.

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