Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ode to Daddy

I love my Daddy very much
I tell you the truth, and it is as such....

He's very nice to mommy and me
He always takes good care of us, you see

He works really hard all day at the mill
That's so mommy and I never worry about the bills

He works hard to go to school too
He has so very, very much to do

But he always makes time to come home and play
He comes home and kisses mommy at the end of each day

He's got a big heart full of lots of love
Its a reflection of the goodness of God above

Hopefully I'll grow up to be a lot like my dad
Sweet, kind, loving, and glad

Kevin had his first Father's day last Sunday.  Regrettably he had to work. (Boo!)  But, we celebrated on Friday night with fajitas and peanut butter cake!  Daddy's pick for dinner.

What can I say?  Benny lucked out.  He's got a terrific Daddy.  Good husbands make good daddies.

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