Monday, April 9, 2012

He isn't here, but has been raised! Luke 24:6

This year we had a joyous Easter celebration with Benny.  It was a very busy Holy Week for Benny and I, but the services turned out quite lovely. 
Benny was looking quite dapper for Easter Sunday.  (Benny needs to work on those ab muscles for torso control.)

Daddy got me all dressed up for the occasion.

At church...

Looking cute and springy with my stuffed animals.

One of the best things about Easter this year was that Granny Lindy and Grandpa Stevie came to after Easter dinner with us in the afternoon.

Granny Lindy and Grandpa Stevie brought me a cute fuzzy yellow duck to add to my stuffed animals.

Not the best picture, but we used out wedding china for the first time in 7.5 years.  About time!  It looked very nice.

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  1. Oh Benny you are just adorable! So very handsome all dressed up for a blessed day! The world is surely brighter for us all this Spring since you joined our family! You are precious to us all. Love, Grampie & Grammie