Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Business

Last weekend, Kevin, Benny, and I did some fun Easter activities for Benny's 1st Easter!
Friday night we baked cookies.  We also watched the movie "The Hop."

Saturday morning we colored eggs.  Our buddy Adam came to color eggs too.  His arm is pictured here.

Benny and the Egg.

The Benny Egg.

Additionally, the Easter Bunny made an early appearance at our house this week!  That's right.  THE EASTER BUNNY CAME TO OUR HOUSE!  E.B. himself even left a note saying he wanted Benny to have his present a little early.  The bunny also brought Kevin a gift.  That bunny.  He sure is a nice guy.

Benny's 1st present from E.B. Bunny!

Benny enjoying his new present.

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