Sunday, August 28, 2016

Claire Bear

I'm only slightly biased when I say that my Claire Bear is beautiful, marvelous, and sweeter than sugar :)  She got her hair cut this past week for the very first time.  She was so excited!

Pre-hair cut pose

She was so excited to go and get in the chair.  Then she became silent and very serious...

She seemed pleased with her new hairdo :)

Just relaxing with a few of her favorite things:  Lambie, little teddy, shaky blankie, and big blankie.

Her coloring skills are improving.  I gave her the color suggestions, but she colored this for Grammie this week.  AND, I think we may have another lefty in the family to join Grammie and Cousin Faith.  Whenever she colors or paints, it is with her left hand.  {Benny helped by writing the name Grammie at the top of the page.}

She also enjoys a tricycle ride.  She felt particularly empowered a week or so ago and rode 1/2 mile.  That's a lot of pedaling on a tricycle!  (When you are the little sister, it is imperative to keep up with your big brother.)

A video of her tricycle skills...

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