Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Joyous Easter Celebration & An Easter Miracle

As usual, I am a bit delayed in blogging about our Easter celebration this year.  As an organist and mother of two this year, Holy Week was a bit hectic.  Kevin was particularly glad when the week was done :)  He had quite a few evenings at home alone with the kids.  These are long evenings with Little Miss Claire who does not enjoy milk out of a bottle :(  Thanks for your extra hard work daddy.

The weekend festivities began on Saturday morning.  The Bunny came a day early with the kids' easter baskets.  That Bunny is pretty good.  He must have known that Mommy would be a little busy on Easter morning.

After playing with their baskets, we colored eggs!

That afternoon, our town had an Easter celebration.  This cool dude loved the Easter Bunny.

Don't miss Claire in there.  She blends in with the Bunny's pink.

The town had an egg hunt too.  How were Benny's egg hunting skills this year?  First he would yell with excitement, "There's an egg!"  He would pick it up, shake it, and say, "There's something in there!"  We would have to open the egg and carefully examine its contents before looking for another egg.  Next year we'll have a prep talk about the need for speed:)

After church, we headed to Nana and Papa's house.

On Easter Monday, we went to Lindy and Stevie's house.  They had new little chicks...

...and new baby lambs!

So, what is the Easter miracle?  I had been loathing the fact that I was going to have to kick Benny out of the crib.  He loved sleeping in his crib and slept so well in his crib.  If there is one thing you don't want to mess with, its a toddler and a beautiful sleeping schedule.  When we got home on Easter evening and put Benny in his pajamas, he asked if he could sleep in the orange room.  This is his 'big boy bed' room.  All on his own, he announced that he would like to sleep there.  He did fabulous and has slept there ever since.  Claire transitioned to the crib with no problem at all.  Easter Miracle 2014!

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