Thursday, March 27, 2014

Brotherly Love

People always ask how Benny has done with the transition to not being the only child.  I'm happy to say its gone much better than expected.  Benny is a 'mama's boy' so I was concerned that he would be jealous or feel left out when I had to take care of Claire.  Plus, so many moms seemed to say that he was going to have all of these regression issues.  Up to this point, we have not!  His reaction to Claire's birth:  "It came out!"---and he would point to my belly.  He is my side-kick and enjoys being the big brother.  He helps get the diapers and wipes.  He gets her washcloth and towels for baths.  He shakes her rattles and enjoys turning on her swing.  Recently he declared his potty chair was 'for babies' or 'that is Claire's.'  Sounds good to me!  I'd far rather he do 'his business' in the big potty.

The biggest concern: excessive love for Claire.  He has a hard time leaving her alone while she is sleeping.  He will insist that she needs a hug or a kiss.  What's super cute?  He likes to give her a kiss on the lips.  If I suggest that he could just give his sister a kiss on her hand or her cheek, he gets upset and says "No!  On the lips!"  Yes Benny.  At one point in your life, you gave your sister kisses on the lips all the time.

You can't just leave your sister be content in her swing.  She needs some love.

Claire needs a tummy time buddy.

Claire was born during a snow storm they called "The Polar Vortex."  Its March 27, and we still have snow on the ground.  However, we had one day a few weeks ago that made it up to 50-some degrees.  Kevin and I took the kids on a walk.

Claire isn't always that impressed with Benny's signs of affection.

Just cause she's pretty.

Ready for a walk!

I'm sure once Claire is old enough to bother his toys or get in his way, he may think less highly of his sister.  But, for now, we enjoy their happy coexistence!

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