Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Birthday Bash

Earlier this month, Benny turned 18 months old and Daddy turned the big 3-0.  P.S.--He married a much, much younger woman :)  We had Nana, Papa, and Grampie over for dinner to celebrate.  Daddy requested a happy birthday chocolate, peanut butter pie.

 Blow out the candle....

No surprise here.  Nana is feeding Benny a little bit of pie.

 Daddy needed some assistance.

Nana and Papa had just returned from a trip to TX.  They got Kevin a nice new polo shirt along with this 'Texas sized acorn.'  Yup.  Daddy's a big nut.

Benny had his 18 month check-up.  He had to get shots.  Poor baby.  He was feverish for about 2 days and was very, very sleepy.  Here are the 18 month Benny stats:

26.6 pounds, 33 inches, and he had 10 teeth (#11 just came in)

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