Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Yup.  I've convinced Nana, once again, to share her cake and ice cream with me...

It's delicious!

Benny loves Nana.  Its pretty cute.  He takes her hand and shows her things all over the house.  If Nana is around, she is his personal and very best playmate.  So far, she is the first person where he uses her name consistently to get her attention.  If I ask him what's my name, he says "mama." When Kevin gets home from work, he is very excited to see him and shouts "dada"  But, he doesn't regularly use our names as a means to get our attention, but he does with Nana.  For example, we were outside and he was walking towards the shed in our backyard where we keep some of his outdoor toys.  Nana stopped following him.  He was almost to the shed and he turned around and motioned to her and yelled "NANA!"  I'm sure his little head was thinking "Come on Nana.  Keep up.  I thought you were playing with me."

Nana + Benny=BFFs

(Not to mention, Nana is married to this really nice guy named Papa who gives Benny excellent hair cuts.)

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