Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Benny's Hairdo

During the month of December, Kevin kept insisting that it was embarrassing that he thought Benny looked like a girl because of his hair which had very cute curls.  We were at the mall and some crazy lady came up and asked if Benny was a boy or a girl and it almost pushed Kevin over the edge.  The lady was crazy.  Benny was dressed in blue from head to toe.  (I personally think Kevin was simply jealous because he doesn't have much hair.  Don't take it out on the kid Kevin.)

At any rate, after Benny's birthday I caved and let Benny get a hair cut.  We hired the very best barber.  His name was Papa.

Pre-hair cut fun with Nana.  Benny got this cute 'tuxedo-shirt' from Marian for Christmas.  Isn't he handsome?

Then they stripped me down to my diaper and started chopping.

Post-hair cut.  Still my handsome little guy.

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