Monday, July 2, 2012

The Texans and New Yorkers!

Over the past two weeks we've had some visitors.  First, Steve and Cassandra came from Texas.  Lucky us, Cassandra is going to college nearby next year.  Benny and I have plans to go visit her often.  Also, if she ever needs a weekend away from campus---we will go get her!

Benny was prepared to greet Cassandra with his 'texas flag' outfit.

Benny says, "Why yes, I'm excited Cassandra is coming back in August.  What will we do first....?"

Uncle Bubba might look like he isn't that impressed with little Benny.  But, secretly he's got a soft spot for the little guy.  When we were at dinner at Nana and Papa's house, he had Benny laughing so hard!  Just remember Uncle Bubba, Benny, and a butter knife.  I wish we had a video of it.  It would have gone viral.  So funny!

Next Dave came from New York!  He has a snazzy little mini-cooper that he likes to take to the track. 

The above visitors are always welcome back at our house!!!

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