Monday, March 5, 2012

Two Months Old: What I Love About Benny

OK.  So today Benny is really nine weeks old.  I'm behind on my blogging. I wanted to make sure I blog-documented his cuteness/sweetness thus far.

1. He smiles!  This is by far the best thing in the world.  When he smiles at me, I feel like the happiest person to have ever lived.  Its contagious.  You just can't help but smile back.  (On a side note, I keep trying to take a picture of his smile, but the camera is too slow.  He smiles, I take the pic, and by the time it actually takes the picture the moment is gone.  Stupid camera.)

2. He likes to cuddle.  When you hold him on your shoulder, he cuddles his face into your cheek.

3. He likes to snuggle.  He loves to lie between Kevin and I in our bed.  He looks so comfy and happy!  (On an aside, I know you aren't supposed to sleep with your baby in bed.  We just snuggle.)

4.  He has mastered the pouty lip.  If Benny is dissatisifed, you will get the pouty lip face!

5. He is sleeping so much better at night.  This is very good for Mommy.  He sleeps a 5 to 7 hour stretch now at night.  He slept for 7 hours straight for the first time about a week ago.  I woke up and had so much energy, I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself.

6.  He's a bit pudgy.  Chubby little cheeks and thighs.  Too cute.

In celebration of Benny's 2 month birthday, Kevin and I had our first 'date night.'  Benny stayed with Grammy and Grampie, and we went to the Cleveland Auto Show!  That's right.  Our first date post-Benny's birth, and Kevin takes me to the auto show.  He is such a romantic.  I must admit, we had a great time.  We rode the Jeep demo (those jeeps can do crazy things.)  The jeep display also had a rock climbing station.  My first rock climbing experience!  What were my favorite cars?  I still love the BMW Z4 roadster the best.  I also liked the Fisker. 

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